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Hankook Sensor Co. is a manufacturer of electric current-sensors for 1-3 phase application. Measuring range depending on model for DC or AC current is from 20-5000A.

Available are Standard, High Class,  and High Current-Open Loop Type, and Standard Closed Loop Type. Customer specific Sensors on request.

Areas of application for current sensors upon request in many industry  branches are for example: inverter, converter, USV, engine check, and automotive technology.

Current Sensor is ?

Current Sensor is functional parts aim for measure an electric current

Current Sensor consist of hall element and magnetic material and electric circuit unifying these. The facts represent that magnetic material, hall element and saturation region maintains very excellent straight linear type and don’t differentiate between AC,DC current wave.

These are specific advantage of galvanomagnetic effect

Open Loop - Type & Closed Loop - Type current-2

Open loop type is consisted of open circuit, so output appears measurement current contrast output voltage. Power resource voltage supplied to sensor appears output voltage is shown as power resource voltage supplied in sensor

The same appearance with measurement current and potential value through the operational amplifier inside sensor, it has advantage of connecting easily with

A/D converter of through common power resource or input unit of operational circuit.

Closed loop type is consisted of closed circuit.

Output signal of closed loop type maintain great linear temperature and character, but difference value coming from the change of voltage conversion resistance attached outside doesn't belong to electrical character.

Hankook -closed loop type hall current sensor has know based on long period

Experience in production. Hankook sensor guarantees the quality of products which have been developed by diagnosis and compensation comparing with competitive products.

Current Sensors