Absopulse Electronics Ltd. Is specialized in the design and manufacture of standard, custom and semi-custom switching power supplies and related products for professional applications. 01

Output power from 10W to 10kW and higher

· Field-proven designs to meet virtually any electrical and mechanical specifications
· Very flexible modular systems

· N + 1 redundancy and hot swap-systems

· Extended temperature ranges 02

· Rugged designs for harsh environments

· Cost effective custom designs

· High reliability

· Short delivery times 03

· Low or no set-up costs for semi and full custom

· Responsive, flexible customer service

AC/DC Power Supplies,  Rectrifier & Battery Chargers

Technical Description

As long-standing specialists in designing and manufacturing power supplies, rectifiers and battery chargers, we are able to provide virtually any input/output combination, with output power ranging from a few watts to multi-kilowatts.

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Absopulse power supplies are electrically and mechanically rugged to ensure reliable operation under harsh field conditions. Built under a rigorous quality assurance program, these field-proven designs use high quality components and generous design margins.

Our AC/DC power supplies are all available as chassis-mountable units in vented, enclosed packages. The standard input/output connections are via a screw type terminal block although other options are available.

Most of our power supplies are also available as Eurocard plug-in modules which can be delivered in pre-wired 19” or 23” shelves for rack mount applications. Please refer to our Power Systems section for more information.

DC/DC Converter

Technical Description
Absopulse Electronics specializes in designing and manufacturing converters, rectifiers and battery chargers with virtually any input / output combination, and output power ranging from a few watts to multi-kilowatts. 

Our power supplies are designed to meet the stringent requirements for telecommunications and other professional applications. Built under a rigorous quality assurance program, these field-proven designs use high quality components and generous design margins.

The DC/DC converters are available as chassis-mountable units in vented, enclosed packages. Standard input/output connections are via screw type terminal block, and other options are also available.

Most Absopulse DC/DC converters are available as Eurocard plug-in modules which can be delivered in pre-wired 19” or 23” shelves for rack mount applications. Please refer to our Power Systems section for more information.


The basic components of Absopulse’s modular power systems are plug-in Eurocard modules and pre-wired 19” and 23” shelves.  4-01

Absopulse modular systems offer many advantages:

· High output power

· Easy servicing in the field

· N+1 redundancy

· Multiple outputs

· Expandable - as power requirements increase, more modules can be added.

· Re-configurable

Power distribution can be integrated

Features such as fused distribution panels, breakers, low battery disconnect, battery temperature compensation, volt and current meters, front panel adjustment and a range of alarm circuit options are offered.

We can also provide entire turn-key power systems.

Typical examples of ABSOPULSE rack-mount power systems

5-1Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Frequency Converters

Absopulse’s sine-wave inverters are designed specifically for telecommunications, industrial, commercial, mobile and military applications. 

They deliver output power ranging from 200VA to 5000VA and generate nominal output voltages of 115VAC or 220VAC, at frequencies of 50, 60, 400 or 1000Hz. A broad range of input voltages are available.

Other products in our AC-output range include a selection of AC to AC frequency converters, custom designed on-line sine-wave UPS systems and modified square wave inverters which are a cost effective alternative to sine-wave.

As most of our sine-wave inverters and frequency converters are highly filtered, they meet EN55022 Class B and FCC Class B conducted EMI requirements.

Standard options for Absopulse AC-output product range include output fail alarms and remote shut-down. 19” or 23” rack-mount hardware is offered for all models and plug-in modular system alternatives are available for larger models.

Rather than searching our product selection for your exact requirements, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail with your specifications. Our engineers will review your specifications in detail and make suggestions wherever possible to reduce costs and optimize performance.

5-2DC-Input Backlight inverter & electronic Balasts

Absopulse designs and manufactures a wide range of custom and semi-custom DC-input fluorescent lamp inverters. Our inverters provide high efficiency, mechanical and electrical ruggedness, low EMI, outstanding reliability and a dimming range exceeding 2000:1.

We can make virtually any type of fluorescent lamp inverter including DC-input preheating, dimming, flashing and multi-cycle inverters in the range of 0.1W to several hundred watts. Custom AC-input back-light inverters are also available.

6-1Military, Airborne and Mobile Back-light inverters.

Manufactured using components with established reliability and precision-milled casing, these inverters can withstand very harsh environments and temperature ranges of -55°C to +85°C.

Commercial and Industrial Inverters. 7-1

These low cost custom and semi-custom lamp inverters are designed to achieve high reliability, and mechanical and electrical ruggedness for a diverse range of applications including:

· Back-light Inverters for LCD back-lighting and instrumentation.

· UV lamp inverters, used for water and air purification, as well as for scientific and other applications.

· Standard fluorescent lamp inverters for mobile equipment, public utilities, machinery, exit and commercial signs, and edge-lighting.

7-2Laboratory Power Supplies

Specification Sheets

Absopulse Electronics offers a wide range of modular and stand-alone variable output power supplies for laboratory applications.

Our laboratory power supplies provide up to 5kW of regulated output power. They meet the highest electrical performance requirements, are fully protected and feature high efficiency and low output noise. Voltage and current limits are fully adjustable.

Absopulse’s rugged designs ensure many years of dependable operation, even in very harsh environments.

MLP 150 series is an example of our custom configurable, multiple output modular laboratory power supplies. Each plug-in module operates as a completely independent universal input power supply which can be assembled in any combination of up to 5 modules in a 3U x 19” rack.The outputs are fully regulated and higher output voltages can be achieved when the modules are connected in series.

Custom Designs: 8-1

ABSOPULSE ELECTRONICS has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing quality custom power supplies and systems over the past two decades.

We can accommodate virtually any electrical and mechanical requirement up to 10kW. If our standard models are not suitable for your application, our engineers will design a power supply to meet your exact specifications. In many instances, a minor modification to one of our many designs can be achieved quickly and with little or no set-up charges.

Our power supplies can be designed to provide mechanical ruggedness, including protection against shock and vibration for mobile applications, and to provide adequate heat dissipation for applications in extreme environmental conditions. Electrically, we can provide MOV protection against high input spikes.

Other options available include low battery disconnect, battery charging capabilities, battery temperature compensation, various input and output alarms, fused distribution panels, N+N redundancy, input/output breakers and voltage/current meters.

Power Supply