Server with Touchscreen-Monitor

Maximum Storage capacity:
1,6 Terra Byte
(with extension case 3,2 Terra Byte)

4x Front USB 2.0
Gigabit-LAN / WLAN

Complete Management and Systemmonitoring via Touchscreen. server-2
Additional input devices are not needed for normal operation.

Connection of USB Mouse and Keyboard are possible via Front USB.

The integrated Service Monitor allows the usage of this server in environments where an additional workingplace is not possible.

In cluster environments it is possible, with the integrated service monitor, to observe directly the processor state of each individual cluster elements and to control the cluster element.

Maximum storage capacity: server-3

1,6 TerraByte
(4x HDD in the alternation frame)
Raid system 0,1,10
with an add-on housing is a maximum storage capacity of 3,2 Terra bytes possible.

(8x HDD in the alternation frame) or (12x HDD in the alternation frame)
 Raid system 0,1,5,10

Areas of application:
single server
cluster server
Datastorage for small and medium companies
Video memory for hotel in-house videosystems
storage of long-term video monitoring/surveillance
machine control/process control

Dual VGA/DVI allow the connection of an additional central control console.

Via mini PC and Wireless LAN'S further control options are available.

Dimension: At 48,8 cm (19) x H 17,6 cm (4HE) x T 54.0 cm (58,0 cm with grip).
Optional: Excerpt rails for 19 switchboards


You can download our product sheet here for off-line reading.
(Acrobat 6 or higher recommended)

Other types of Server for Windows and Linux Operating systems (designed for single and cluster environments) are available on customer request. Please contact us for futher information and design of you customer specified server system.