Navigationsoftware for Europe Navi102

IGPS sw MapSonic Europe/Voice PPC/PALM/NB

- Voice navigation software
PPC/PALM/NB- multilingual menu provided
- multilingual voice output
 - Western Europe card version
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Swede, Spain
- USA and Canada available on request

Navigationsoftware for Germany, Austria, Swiss navi2

GPS sw MarcoPolo 2005 Reiseplaner CD/DVD

- positioning software without voice output
- high detailed city maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Suedtirol and the Alsace
- seamlessly integrated into a complete total Eurocard -
dispatch of the route description by eMail and SMS -
3,3 GB HDD Size on full installation
- topographical cards
- USA and Canada available on request.

GPS Bundle NL-202U USB MarcoPolo CD navi3

- Win98/Me/W2K/XP/MAC/Linux from K.2.4.10
- including Navigationsoftware, Type. 63662 (MarcoPolo 2005 Navigation Software  -CD-)
- primary initialization can take up to one hour
- protocol: NMEA, GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, NMEA optional VTG, GLL
- certificated. XP driver
- BU-303 with SiRF StarII as from 26.11.02
- BU-313 with SiRF StarII as from 30.08.04

Navigationsoftware for other regions including USA and Canada available on request.