1. Circuit Board manufacturing: circuit-1

  • Will be made by 5 selected companies who are different in the used technology and production. 3 Companies are specialized in urgent orders with a delivery time of 1-10 Working days. Circuit Boards will be produced where specification and production meets each other optimal.
  • Advantages: Good Price-Quality relation and safeties in delivery times.

2. Circuit Board products:

  • Single sided Layer in mass production, Capacity larger as 600 m² / Day
  • Through contacted Circuit Boards, single and double sided.
  • Multilayer up to 28 layer, through hole and blind holes.
  • Fine Circuit Boards for MCM and Ball-Grid-Array 100 µm
  • Heat sink– Circuit Boards with isolated metal substratium, Teflon wirings
  • Circuit Boards in Flex– and Starr flex– type and up to 16 Layer

3. Production technology: circuit-2

  • Networked CAD/CAM Control with Process control, ISO 9002 and UL
  • Micro drilling, blind holes also in SMD Contact points
  • Through contacts also in inside layer, Sn/Pb melted.
  • Gold cladding of the surface, partial and connector strips.
  • HAL, Passivation of the surface, deductible soldering sop-off lacquer
  • Photo stop lacquer: Image cure, Peters. Curtain sealing and silk-screen printing
  • Through contact filler. Carbon printing for Crossover- and Contact engineering,
  • Contour milling , rest tie milling, scratch engineering, re-inserted circuit boards
  • AOI and E-Test with Gerber data! Label printing in multicolor

4. Measurements, Materials:

  • Standard engineering: > Conductor Distance/Width min. 250 µm
  • Fine ladder engineering:> Conductor Distance/Width  150 - 250 µm
  • Finest ladder engineer.: > Conductor Distance/Width 100 – 150 µm
  • Max. Board size:  > 460 x 560 mm (other sizes are possible)
  • Drilling diameter:  > 0,2-6 mm
  • Milling radius :  > 0,4-2 mm
  • Base material: CEM1, CEM3; FR2, FR3, FR4, FR5; Teflon and additional
  • Special material. CU-cladding: 5 / 10 / 12 / 17,5 / 35 / 70 / 105 µm.

circuit-3Circuit Boards express service with 1-0 WD circuit-4

  • Cost saving without quality loses. Orders will be distributed to 3 contract companies with long year experience. Customer specification and desired delivery time are the reasons to find the optimal contract company who fits best to the order.
  • These concept takes care for more safety in delivery times and reasonable prices!

Time overview:

  • 1 side Circuit Board from 1 Working Day (WD)
  • 2 side dk Circuit Board  from1 Working Day
  • 4 layer Multilayer from 2 Working Days
  • 6 layer Multilayer from 2 Working Days
  • 8 layer Multilayer and more layers Time arrangement
Circuit Boards