Power Products

Power products are designed for the efficient conversion and control of energy. Power products are mainly used in LCD panels, digital cameras, notebooks, monitors, televisions, switching power supplies, adapters, set-top boxes, global positioning systems (GPS), and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Product category: Current Sensors, Invertors, Drivers, Line Filters, Power Inductors, Power Transformers (Through-Hole and Surface Mount)

Chip Bead & Inductors

Chip bead and inductors are designed as basic components in various circuit boards. Chip and bead inductors are widely used in Telecom and LAN component areas. Our products contain tremendous electrode strength, solder heat resistance, along with outstanding solder ability with accurate dimensions for automatic surface

Product Category: EMI PC Beads, Multilayer Chip Inductors, Multilayer Chip Ferrite Beads, Surface Mount Beads, SMD Power Inductors, Wound Chip Inductors

Telecom Products

Telecom products are designed for steady conversion and transmission of single information. Telecom products are used in switching PBX, telephone systems, ISDN products, analog modems, ADSL splitters, and XDSL products areas.

Product Category: Interface Transformers, Line Matching Transformers, ISDN Interface Transformers, T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI Quad Transformers, T1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI Transformers (Through-hole & Surface Mount)

LAN Components

LAN products are designed for a steady conversion and transmissions of information in a communications network that serves local users within a confined geographical area. LAN products are used in bridges, hubs, switches, routers, and gateways. Transtek Mangetics offers high performance, reliability, and cost effective LAN solutions.

Product Category: 10/100 Base-T Transformers (single port and quad port), 10/100 Base-TX Transformer, HS Lan Transformers)

Backlight Transformers

Backlight transformers are the "Frame and Bar core" transformers. These play a crucial role in supplying the power for the lamp of flat-panel displays. Backlight Transformers are widely used in notebook and LCD displays. Because up to 50% of the battery life is typically consumed by backlight operation, the efficiency is extremely important.

Drum Core Transformers and Inductors

Drum Core Transformers and Inductors are the main components used in electrical fields. They can meet requirements of large currents, high inductance, and low resistance required in many electrical applications. Drum core transformers and Inductors are commonly used in Telecom, LAN, and Power fields. Transtek Magnetics produces Drum Core Transformers and Inductors in Through-hole and Surface Mount designs with high performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Product Category: Drum Core Transformer (SMD), Drum Core Inductors (SMD), Drum Core Transformers (T-H), Drum Core Inductors (T-H)

Common mode chokes

Common mode chokes (CMC) are a specific transformer designed for presenting finite impedance to common-mode signals, but zero impedance to differential mode signals. Common mode chokes are commonly used in Telecom and Power fields.

Product Category: 4-wire and 2-wire Line Common Mode Choke, Varied Power Common Mode Choke (Surface mount & Through-hole)